Lead Structural Design Engineer

Job Code ST-B
Title Lead Structural Design Engineer
Country Egypt
Department or category Complex Structures
Roles and responsibilities / Job description
  1. Study and collect all related data of the assigned projects.
  2. Collect problems and prepare requests for information documents.
  3. Prepare list of documents and the time schedules for projects.
  4. Create project special processing tools such as forms and reports.
  5. Assign tasks to the below design team members.
  6. Review and release design drawings and/or calculation notes.
  7. Follow up team's technical problems and final product submission.
  8. Handle communications with the client through meetings, mails and/or phone calls.
  9. Analyze the project performance and prepare monthly progress report.
  10. Evaluate, Develop and motivate team members.
Experience 10-15 Years

Education : B.Sc of Civil Engineering (Master degree is preferred)

Experience : 10-15 years

Field of experience : Concrete structure design

Languages : Very good English

Software : Auto CAD, SAP, ETABS

Closing Date 30/06/2015
Job Contact Email hr@fcbm-fr.com
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