Project Overview
The Bugey Nuclear Power Station is located in Bugey in the Saint-Vulbas commune, about 30 km from the Swiss border. The site occupies 100 hectares. It is on the edge of the Rhône River, from where it gets its cooling water, and is about 30 km upstream from Lyon. About 1,200 people work at the site. The site houses 4 currently operating units, all being pressurized water reactors. The 5th reactor (unit 1) is currently being dismantled. It was the last UNGG reactor built in the world.

Our Mission
Setec Egypte was in charge of Analyzing the beam supporting system of the chimney exposed to risk of corrosion.

Our Scope
Setec Egypte was responsible for:
  • Analyzing the process of aging reinforced concrete structures exposed to risk of corrosion.
  • Assess the current status of an existing structure to predict its remaining life.
  • Determine appropriate means for inspection, maintenance, repairs, and if necessary to ensure its reliable operation extend.
  • Propose scenarios of degradation of plant capacity and estimating the residual life
  • Recommendations for appropriate monitoring and maintenance of structure.


  • Country: France
  • Client: EDF
  • Contractor: Eiffage
  • Period: 2009