Project Overview
New roads design projects in Riyadh Region:
  1. Dualling of Riyadh/Khurays/Ehsaa Road along 90 km within Riyadh Region
  2. Second Ring Road Link (Sheikh Jaber Road Extension) between Dammam Road and Prince Salman Road (15 km)
  3. Upgrade of Sheikh Jaber Road between Makkah Road and Dammam Road (11km)
  4. Improvement of Exit 14 along Riyadh Eastern Ring Road
  5. Improvement of Exit 21
  6. Improvement of El-Hassan Bin Al-Hussain Interchange

Our Mission
Setec Egypte Services encompass all engineering and design tasks necessary for the preparation of Complete design in addition to preparation of the tender documents for all bridges (40 Bridges-231.000 m²). Bridges are summarized as follow:
  • 65,000 m² Main Bridges-Precast Reinforced Concrete Deck
  • 86,000 m² Main Bridges-Prestressed Box Girder Deck
  • 80,000 m² Directional Ramps-Prestressed Box Girder Deck

Our Scope
Setec Egypte was responsible for carrying out the conceptual, preliminary and detailed design and prepare all tender documents, specifications and Bill of quantities according to projects standards.


  • Country: KSA
  • Client: Saudi Ministry of Transport
  • Consultant: SETS
  • Period: Q4-2013 Ongoing Project