setec Egypte provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering services for all construction projects using the latest computer techniques.

Tender, Preliminary and Detailed Design

Our experience has produced a portfolio that includes a wide range of projects from office building, car parks, bridges, tunnels, underground metro stations, silos, locks, railways and nuclear reactors. The Preliminary & Tender design services that we can provide include:
  • Project preliminary design
  • Project optimization
  • Preparation of tender’s design and documents
  • Pre‐dimensioning for all projects’ elements
  • Project analysis
  • Global modeling
  • Detailed design

Design Verification

Design review and verification from setec Egypte - ensures that your design complies with all relevant specifications and standards.

Our design review and verification service offers you highly trained staff, helping you to:

  • Verify your design through a comprehensive review of specifications, reports, calculations and drawings.
  • Test your engineering assumptions, design methods and approaches.
  • Ensure that all parties involved in your design phase follow the same specifications and rules.