setec Egypte provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering services for all construction projects using the latest computer techniques.

Detailing along with 2D shop drawings

setec Egypte's shop drawings simply translate the design concepts into a detailed fabrication road map. The shop drawings we generate resolve connection issues by proposing details that work based on a thorough knowledge of our components and how things go together on the job site.

We provide technical assistance and support to the contractors and help them resolve the site problems.

Detailing & 3d Modelling for BIM requirements

Using modeling for more joined‐up working is helping our team to produce more efficient designs and to fast‐track schedules and to align efforts to achieve greater energy‐efficiency.

Our commitment to the use of BIM technology for our designs has proven to enhance our ability to provide superior customer service to our clients. Working within the BIM platform has enabled us to create, manage and share information more effectively with our clients and improves the design process and decreases errors while enhancing the communication between disciplines.