Project Overview
The European pressurized water reactor model (EPR) is a third generation nuclear reactor with a 1,650 MW capacity. The works will concern 20 buildings including: the reactor building which will be protected by a double prestressed reinforced concrete shell; the fuel building where new and spent fuel will be stored; the machine room containing the turbine generator; and the pumping and discharge stations which cool the plant with seawater.
  • 20 buildings within a 300m * 185 m perimeter;
  • 300.000 m3 of concrete
  • Over 50.000 tons of reinforcement elements.

Our Mission
Setec Egypte was in charge of technical studies, shop drawings for most of the buildings (10 buildings).

Our Scope
Setec Egypte was responsible for making Technical studies, Shop drawings, As-built based on the guidelines drawings provided by EDF:
  • Drawings based on Euro codes and specific requirement of EDF.
  • Analyze and coordinate the construction methodology, design drawings and project specifications transmitted by the client.
  • Complete, the formwork drawings given by EDF to integrate the methods and phases of construction.


  • Country: France
  • Client: Setec
  • Owner: EDF (Electricity Board) CNEN
  • Main Contractor: Bouygues TP / Quille group
  • Period: 2007-2011